Inspiration and Coaching for the Everyone Athlete.


Coaching always has to be athlete centered.

For me Coaching is Inspiring other Athletes enabling them to grow, endure and excel to finally realize their dreams of Triathlon and Endurance Sports whatever these dreams might look like – be it finishing a very first Sprint Triathlon or even finishing an IRONMAN®.

Anyway especially many First Timers – so called “Rookies” – often struggle and hesitate to reach out to a coach just wondering if this step is not only for advanced and very experienced Athletes.

The truth is that actually both groups can significantly benefit from working closely together with a coach although these groups will normally have very different expectations from this collaboration.

Whilst experienced athletes normally think about further increasing performance First Timers and starting Weekend Triathletes may have very different objectives to enjoy a first triathlon or dare the next step e.g. into a longer distance or improving a specific element of their sports.

For these First Timers and starting Weekend Athletes family and professional life commitments may sometime play a much more important role in their lives compared to very experienced athletes who already have aligned their different  responsibilities in private and professional life which is very challenging esp. when starting into the sports of Triathlon.

So this is to introduce a true Coaching for the Everyone Athlete encouraging First Timers and Starters to the Sports of Triathlon to reach for Coaching Support and make their experience towards individual goals much more fun – looking forward to your contact and learn about your individual goal!

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